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Interested in writing an alumni profile for the School of Information website and upcoming newsletters? Email a short, 1-2 page response to the following questions to Please include the subject line “Alumni Profile” and a photo.
1.  What is your name, graduation year, and current job title/place of work.
2.  Describe your professional life after graduation.
3.  How has your training and experience as a School of Information (or formerly SIRLS or SISTA) graduate helped you in your career?
4.  What is one thing you know about the field now, that you wish you knew as a student?
5.  If you could give advice to someone considering a similar career path, what would it be?
A true indicator of the love for and loyalty to one’s alma mater is the extent to which one is willing to support it financially. Show your love and help shape the future of the School of Information! 
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