The Astrolabe Project: July 2016 Workshop

This workshop, to be held July 11-12, 2016 at University of Arizona in Tucson, will focus on developing technical requirements and concrete goals for the Astrolabe astronomy data repository (formerly known as the Arizona Astronomical Data Hub, AADH). Last year, in July 2015, University of Arizona (UA) researchers collaborated with the American Astronomical Society to host a workshop to understand the community's data management and processing needs, and to determine the potential for a new open repository of data associated with publications but not already curated in existing repositories. Motivated by prior research indicating that current curation practices in astronomy and academic publishing do not adequately support scientific reproducibility, the 2015 workshop informed creation of Astrolabe. Unlike some repositories, Astrolabe has a mission to provide wide access to hetergeneous data that are in peril of being permanently lost. Astrolabe is both a place to store data, and an integrated community computing platform that allows researchers to share and process data. The upcoming workshop will directly contribute to development of the system and explore opportunities and objectives for the project's sustainable progress into the future as a resource for the astronomical community. This workshop is funded by a University of Arizona Accelerate for Success grant awarded to Astrolabe (PIs P.B Heidorn and D. Zaritsky) in December 2015.


The workshop is invitation-only and will be located at Main Library A313/314 from 1 pm until 5 pm on July 11, and from 9 am until 6 pm on July 12. Facilitators include:

  • Bryan Heidorn (University of Arizona School of Information, Director)
  • Julie Steffen (American Astronomical Society, Director of Publishing)
  • Chris Kollen (University of Arizona Libraries, Data Curation Librarian)
  • Gretchen Stahlman (University of Arizona School of Information, Doctoral Candidate)

Prior to the first day of the workshop, we request that all attendees fill out this brief questionnaire, which will help guide the focus of our discussions. This questionnaire is identical to the one we distributed prior to last year's workshop, but we encourage returning participants to fill it out again.


Also prior to the workshop, we request that participants review the Executive Summary documenting the outcomes of last year's workshop.


Additional information for participants is provided below, and this site may be updated following the workshop to communicate outcomes to attendees and other interested stakeholders. Contact us with any questions.


*Note: If possible, please bring laptops or tablets to the workshop.



Participants List

July 2016 Executive Summary


This event is sponsored by Astrolabe and the UA School of Information through support from the UA Office for Research & Discovery, the UA College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the UA College of Science, the University of Arizona Libraries, and the American Astronomical Society.

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