588 Contemporary Book Publishing [Issues in Information Resources] FACE-TO-FACE SECTION 001



This is the Face-to-Face Section of 588 Contemporary Book Publishing.

The section number is 588-001. Only enroll in this section if you will attend all classes in a UA classroom face-to-face on Mondays, 3:30-6.

The two differences in the two sections are the way you attend lectures and the way discussion is conducted.

Students in the UA Campus-based section, 588-001, MUST attend lectures on Monday, from 3:30-6, in a UA classroom to be announced. They are expected to contribute actively (at least 5 or more substantive contributions each week)'

Online students may either attend the Monday sessions VIRTUALLY, through Elluminate, or view the recorded Elluminate lecture sometime during the week at their convenience. However they view the lecture, they must also answer five of the student questions each week in the D2L forum. They must also read ALL the replys to the questions, so that they experience the material they would if they were in a classroom.

Please note that you cannot move back and forth between the face-2-face physical classroom section and the online section. You must choose on or the other.

The face-to-face section uses D2L for class activities that do not take place on Mondays.

The content and all other aspects of the two sections are the same. To see the syllabus for both sections, follow this link.


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