Creative Computing Lab


The Creative Computing Lab (CCL)  is a space where students explore the creative applications of computation, including generative art, virtual reality, interactive digital installations, physical computing, and projection installations. The CCL supports the University of Arizona's goal of 100% Student Engagement by providing undergraduates with exciting opportunities for creative expression, discovery, and professional development at the intersection of technology and art.

The CCL has: Workstations for application development in Processing and Open Frameworks (open source creative programming environments); Oculus Rift Development Kits for VR development with graphics workstations; Microsoft Kinect Units; 3D Printers; and Arduino open source microcontrollers with sensors for hardware development.

The CCL also supports sponsored research, including MUSICA (Communicating with Computers, DARPA BAA-15-18), and the development of Virtual Harlem, funded by the Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry.

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