Distributed Electives Requirements for Starting in Fall 2015

Effective For students matriculating in Fall 2015, the School of Information MA in LIbrary and Information Science degree requirements include 9 credits of LIS electives, distributed across three categories. Courses currently approved in each of these areas appear below.

Cultural Perspective on Libraries & Information (3.00 units)

Focuses on issues related to equity and diversity, with an emphasis on the values and service orientation of the library and information professions.

·         LIS 517 Introduction to Digital Cultures

·         LIS 550 Info Environments from Hispanic & Native American Perspectives

·         LIS 551 Equity of Access

·         LIS 554 Diverse Cultures, Communities, & Libraries

·         LIS 557 Documenting Diverse Culture & Communities

·         LIS 558 Social Justice & Information Services

Evaluation of User Needs & Management of Information (3.00 units)

Focuses on issues related to intermediating information need and uses, with an emphasis on the identification and evaluation in information-bearing objects singly and in collections and including museums.  Also, additional issues related to the management of information resources, services, organizations, and environments, with an emphasis on planning, evaluating, and strategizing.

·         LIS 518 Information Quality

·         LIS 519 Knowledge in a Digital World

·         LIS 532 Information Intermediation (formerly titled Online Searching)

·         LIS 540 Introduction to Archives

·         LIS 560 Collection Management

·         LIS 567 Leadership and the Information Organization

·         LIS 608 Managing the Information Organization

·         LIS 671 Introduction to Digital Curation

·         LIS 673 Managing the Digital Information Environment

Information Tech & Networked Digital Information (3.00 units)

Focuses on issues related to information and communication technologies and networks, with an emphasis on impacts on individual users, groups, organization, and society.

·         LIS 570 Database Development & Management

·         LIS 571 Introduction to Information Technology

·         LIS 575 User Interface & Website Design

·         LIS 580 Data Standards for the Semantic Web

·         LIS 614 Information Technology & Transfer

·         LIS 672 Introduction to Applied Technology


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