Elementary School Librarian Internship


Madison Simis Elementary School Library


Internship Position title: Elementary School Librarian Internship

Description: This is an internship available to MLS students who are interested in seeing how a school library operates. The focus of this positon will be on collection maintenance in a Kindergarten through 4th grade elementary school library. Assist main librarian with weeding, cataloging, and development of subject specific bibliographies. Interns may also contribute to developing programs for children. This internship is open during school year 2018-2019. Specific dates and times are flexible.

Supervisor: (If this is an opportunity for MLIS students, the Supervisor should be a certified librarian or archivist) Jessie Spalding, MLIS

Location: Madison Simis Elementary School Library, 7302 N 10th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020

Learning objectives (for intern): Interns will learn basics of collection maintenance, including cataloging, weeding/deselecting, ordering, and light programming for elementary aged children.

Tech skills required: Microsoft Office skills required

Job requirements: Interns must complete a background check and submit a fingerprint clearance card.

Details of the process can be found here: https://madisonaz.org/community/volunteer/

How to apply: Please email Jessie Spalding at jspalding@madisoned.org

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Saturday, December 1, 2018
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences