Colloquia - Dr. Hong Hua

The Quest for Vision Comfort in Virtual and Augmented Reality Displays

by Dr. Hong Hua

Abstract: Despite the high promises and the tremendous progress made recently toward the development of head-mounted displays (HMD) for both virtual and augmented reality displays, developing HMDs that offer uncompromised optical pathways to both digital and physical worlds without encumbrance and discomfort confronts many grand challenges, both from technological perspectives and human factors. In this talk, I will particularly focus on the recent progress, challenges and opportunities for developing virtual and augmented reality displays for improved comfort.

Bio: Dr. Hong Hua, Fellow of SPIE and OSA, is currently a Professor with the James Wyant College of Optical Sciences (OSC), The University of Arizona. She has over 25 years of experiences in designing and developing near-eye display technologies for virtual reality and augmented reality applications and and microscopic and endoscopic imaging systems for medicine. Dr. Hua has published over 200 technical papers and holds 25 issued US patents and 23 foreign patents her specialty fields, and delivered numerous keynote addresses and invited talks at major conferences and events worldwide.


10 a.m. Friday