Colloquia - Joseph Farbrook

Digital Fabrication: A New Art Medium

by Joseph Farbrook

Abstract: Digital fabrication has been used extensively for rapid prototyping and manufacturing, however artists are only just beginning to explore the possibilities these tools hold for art-making practices. Farbrook’s latest research has been in exploring the glitches, idiomatic artifacts, and quirks inherent in digital tools, researching creative ways to make objects that accentuate lines, textures, and unique markings generated by digital fabrication processes. Farbrook will discuss how digital fabrication has become a new medium in the fine arts and the new messages this medium conveys.

Bio: Joseph Farbrook’s background is in 3D modeling, animation, and interactive art, as well as digital video, audio, and imaging. His artwork has been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide including SIGGRAPH, CURRENTS, International Symposium of Electronic Arts, Cyberarts Gallery, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Watermans Gallery in London, and the AC Institute in NYC. Farbrook is an associate professor at the University of Arizona School of Art.


10 a.m. Oct. 18, 2019