The iSchool teaches our most advanced students to understand the computational aspects of society, arts, humanities and sciences. They learn about and practice how to transform information into knowledge in the most complex contexts, and master methods for organizing, finding, cleaning and storing information for coding and compressing data so that it becomes useful and manageable, simulating and visualizing information so that it is intelligible to different audiences and for classifying, predicting and clustering information so that underlying patterns and significations emerge.

In their own advanced research, students learn how to develop and apply computational methods to challenges that overlap multiple academic disciplines—from discovering signaling pathways in cells to understanding musical improvisation to organizing information to training digital video cameras to understand what they see. Graduate students achieving a degree in the iSchool can choose from a number of programs and opportunities. See the left-side tabs for more information! 

On-campus students enjoy access to unique resources of the University of Arizona Campus. Only on-campus students have access to face-to-face classes with instructors, a broader array of classes in the iSchool and across campus that are not offered online, graduate assistantships with pay and tuition remission in the iSchool, the University Library and other units across campus. Recent student assistantships include the UA Health Sciences Library, UA Special Collections, UA Library Makerspace (iSpace), Western Archeological and Conservation Center (WACC), Pima County Public Library, Chandler Public Library and on-campus students could have access to scholarships from tuition set-asides. The Graduate and Professional Student Association provides support for students living in Tucson. There are graduate student showcases, Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week, Grad Slam, workshops and social events. They offer travel grants, research grants, professional development opportunities, club funding and childcare subsidies. 

Online students enjoy great flexibility in their schedules and need not relocate. They can stay with family and friends while keeping their jobs. Through the UA Online College, the iSchool offers a large array of classes to complete the Master of Arts program and a number of graduate certificates. 

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences