Graduate Certificate in Medical and Community Health Information

Description and Purpose

The Graduate Certificate in Medical and Community Health Information is affiliated with the School of Information M.A. in Library and Information Science (LIS).  This certificate has a secondary affiliation with the programs in the College of Nursing's Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Online Program.  This is a fully online certificate program available through UA Online.

This certificate program provides students, librarians, information professionals, and health care professionals with the necessary skills in the acquisition and dissemination of useful, usable, and quality health information.  Students obtain knowledge and skills in the practice of health informatics and how it applies to the health care and public health settings.  Additionally, students learn about ethnic and cultural implications of health and receive training on providing culturally competent health information services.  This certificate provides students with knowledge and skills that will supplement and be useful in their work in various health information settings, including but not limited to libraries, community health organizations, healthcare organizations, and information organizations.


The certificate requires 18 credit hours.  Nine (9.00) units consist of required core courses and the remaining 9.00 units are chosen from electives approved by The School of Information.

Required Courses:
LIS 533: Medical Online Searching (3.00 units)
LIS 624: Community Health and Medical Informatics (3.00 units) - Study of information systems used in health and medical settings. Particular attention is given to the integration of traditional and nontraditional methods of information transfer.
LIS 693: Internship (3.00 units)

LIS/NURS 646: Healthcare Informatics Theory & Practice (3.00 units)

LIS 556: Health Information in Ethnic-Cultural Communities (3.00 units)
LIS 570: Introduction to Database Development and Management (3.00 units)
LIS 571: Introduction to Information Technology (3.00 units)
LIS 587: Information Seeking Behaviors (3.00 units)
LIS 662: Issues in Health Information: Systematic Reviews (3.00 units)


Up to 12 credits may be shared with the MA or MS degree. Up to 6 credits may be shared with another certificate.

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