Graduate Minor



Graduate Minor in Information

A Ph.D. minor in Information consists of an approved 9 credits of SI courses (passed with grade B or better) and a written and oral examination (which forms part of the Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam). The form of the Ph.D. minor written exam would typically be a 2 hour paper in reponse to prompts or a format aligned with the major exam of the student's home department. If the student is now a Ph.D. student in another department and a previous graduate of an SI Master's program, 9 credits are not always required.

Successful admission will be contingent, in part, on there being a core/primary graduate faculty member of SI faculty willing to serve as a member of the candidate's Ph.D. minor committee. A second faculty member is optional and may be an SI affiliated faculty member. There may be one or two SI faculty members on the minor committee. Students intending to declare Information as a minor should first consult with a preferred minor faculty advisor, then discuss with their committee in their home deptarment, then enter the committee names on GradPath. 

If applicable, minor students may have to obtain waivers from pre-requisites from the instructors of the courses that constitute their Minor.




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