Graduate Student Aid

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Application Priority Deadlines

Deadlines for School of Information (SI) financial aid applications are the same as admissions application deadlines:

  • February 15 for Fall semester.
  • October 15 for Spring semester.
  • SI Financial Aid for Summer is not available.

Financial aid is awarded based on funds available, financial need and academic merit. Financial aid applications may still be received after the priority deadline, however, there is no guarantee of funding. For any questions or concerns, please contact Admissions ( or 520-621-3565.


Click to go to the Google Form Financial Aid application.  Google accounts are not required for completion.

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Departmental Financial Aid

Financial aid, awarded for both academic achievement and financial need, is available from SI.  Both current students and new students accepted for admission are eligible for financial aid. SI financial aid is awarded each semester, so you must re-apply every term.

General Eligibility Requirements: Students receiving financial aid are required to maintain at least 6 units and a satisfactory progress toward their degree, defined at a minimum GPA of at least 3.0. Students who have not matriculated into a SI degree or certificate program are not eligible for financial aid. Students receiving financial aid must possess a valid United States Social Security number.

Special Eligibility Requirements: Individual scholarships may impose additional or other eligibility criteria.

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Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistants are students employed by SI to help with teaching, research and on-going projects. Both new and continuing students are eligible for assistantships. Prospective graduate assistants must meet general eligibility requirements and request consideration for an assistantship in their financial aid application. Graduate assistants receive a salary in addition to reduced registration costs, non-resident tuition waivers, discounts at the student bookstores and individual health insurance coverage. Graduate assistants pay SI program fees at the in-state level, regardless of residential status. Appointments may be for the academic year or for a semester; they may be ¼ time (10 hours of work per week) or ½ time (20 hours of work per week). All graduate assistants must complete mandatory training at both the university and departmental levels before beginning employment.

Graduate Assistantship Application Priority Deadlines

  • February 15 preceding the beginning of the academic year for all terms.

Example: Students applying for a 2019-2020 academic year GA position would apply by February 15, 2019.


Click to go to the Google Form Graduate Assistantship application.  Google accounts are not required for completion.

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Knowledge River

To be eligible for Knowledge River admissions:

What Knowledge River Students Receive

  • Each year, Knowledge River selects a cohort of students to be Knowledge River Scholars. Knowledge River Scholars receive opportunities for academic support, specialized advising, cohort support, participation in a cohort-based learning community, mentorship, access to the 200+ Knowledge River alumni, and professional development activities, as well as regular SI services and activities.
  • Financial aid for Knowledge River Scholars is available for a limited number of KR Scholars. This financial aid comes mainly in the form of Graduate Assistantships, which allow students to gain practical experience in libraries and other information environments..
  • Knowledge River Scholars graduate with an ALA-accredited MA in Information Resources and Library Science.


Applications for priority admission will be available starting in October 2018 through March 1, 2019 for Fall 2019.

Click to go to the Google Form Knowledge River application.  Google accounts are not required for completion.


The SchooI of Information has a variety of scholarships available to students who matriculate in a School of Information degree or certificate program. Scholarships are grants of money for use in paying the costs of a student's education. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need and/or academic achievement. In addition to the general requirements for financial aid (listed above) some scholarships have special requirements for eligibility, application, and maintenance. The amount of financial aid varies with the scholarship and available funding.

School of Information Scholarships for Library and Information Services in the 21st Century - The School of Information awards a limited number of scholarships in recognition of academic achievement and/or financial need to both new and continuing students. Prospective scholarship awardees must meet general eligibility requirements. The School of Information provides funding for roughly half the amount of tuition and fees for financial aid recipients. In general, School of Information scholarships are not renewable, although recipients of School of Information scholarships are eligible for other types of financial aid, such as graduate assistantships or other scholarships. Applicants for SchooI of Information scholarships must complete the School of Information financial aid application and submit an essay of no more than 200 words describing their views, of library, and information services in the 21st Century.

Knowledge River - Knowledge River recruits persons linguistically and culturally sensitive to, and knowledgeable of, Hispanic or Native American communities. Knowledge River Scholars receive tuition and fees for one academic year, along with either a graduate assistantship or a stipend. Knowledge River offers a variety of courses presented from a multicultural perspective, academic support, and the opportunity to be part of a cohort. For more information about Knowledge River opportunities, see the Knowledge River Funding page.

Brooke E. Sheldon Scholarship - This scholarship supports students pursuing a concentration or focus in public librarianship. General eligibility requirements apply.

Katherine Gordon Fox Scholarship  - This scholarship supports students pursuing a concentration or focus in public librarianship. General eligibility requirements apply.

Jimmie Bevill Scholarship - This scholarship supports students a concentration or focus in public librarianship. The amount varies. In addition to meeting general eligibility requirements, students must submit a paragraph on the role public libraries play in serving underserved populations, including any relevant experience. Preference is given to students with relevant experience.

Friends of the Green Valley Library Scholarship - This scholarship is for any employee of the Pima County Public Library seeking their Master's degree from the University of Arizona's School of Information. Applicants do not need to reside in Green Valley.  All applications must be postmarked by April 30th. (Download the application form [pdf])

Margaret May Caffall Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship supports SI full-time students with financial need. The amount varies. General eligibility requirements apply.

E. A. Cheves Scholarship - This scholarship supports outstanding SI students interested in careers in small libraries such as the library in Miami, AZ. The amount varies. In addition to meeting general eligibility requirements, the applicant must be an Arizona resident.

Alice B. Good Scholarship - This scholarship supports outstanding SI students interested in public libraries. The amount varies. In addition to meeting general eligibility requirements, the applicant must be an Arizona resident.

Margaret F. Maxwell Scholarship - This scholarship supports students interested in cataloging and is merit-based. The amount varies. General eligibility requirements apply.

Fay and Lawrence Clark Powell Scholarship - This scholarship supports outstanding non-resident SI students with a background in humanities. The amount varies. In addition to general eligibility requirements, the student must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 graduate credits during the term of the award.

H.W. Wilson Company Scholarship - This scholarship supports students with outstanding credentials and demonstrated financial need. The amount of the award varies. General eligibility requirements apply.

Louise A. Stephens Memorial Scholarship - The Arizona Library Association (AzLA) has been working with the UA Scholarship Development Office to create a new scholarship for SI students, the Louise A. Stephens Memorial Scholarship. In the inaugural year of the scholarship (2008-2009), the award was $3,000. AzLA is currently developing plans for fundraising to bolster the endowment.

Dr. Trejo Arnulfo D. Memorial Scholarship For students of Hispanic/Latino/Chicano/Mexican American descent enrolled in the University of Arizona School of Library Information Resources and Library Science (SIRLS) program to pursue a Masters degree of Library and Information Science.

Medical/Health Sciences Library School Scholarships - The Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona (MLGSCA) continually and vigorously supports the recruitment of outstanding candidates to the profession of health sciences librarianship. One mechanism employed by MLGSCA is through the provision of  a student scholarship. One scholarship of $1500  is awarded annually to an excellent library/information science student who has shown evidence of interest in pursuing the health sciences specialization in librarianship. Deadline is Dec 15. For information on how to apply, eligibility, and application materials go to:

Other Sources of Financial Aid

SI encourages students with unmet financial need to apply for additional support from the University of Arizona Office of Student Financial Aid. OSFA offers an array of need-based funding for graduate students including scholarships, grants, waivers, loans and work study. Call 520-621-1858, email, or visit them on the web at You can find other financial aid sources below.


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