Graduation and Career Preparation

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Alum Sam Gardner talked to our ISTA and eSociety students about how to level up on LinkedIn! 

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Career Development 

Our ISTA B.A. and B.S. both require that students complete 3 credits of an Internship, Directed research, or Independent study, as well as 3 credits of Senior Capstone (ISTA 498), in order to hone real-world skills for life beyond undergraduate studies. Please consult our Internship/Fellowships forum for opportunities and our Internships page for more information about how to find an appropriate Internship or Research Opportunity.  

Login to Handshake to connect with internship and job opportunities through the Student Engagement and Career Development center. 

Register with the Wildcat Career Network to connect with experienced University of Arizona alumni in relevant industries.

Remember, as an alum you can still take advantage of everything Career Development has to offer here at the University. 

LinkedIn can also serve as a tool to search for jobs or research salaries:

Sample job listings via LinkedIn:

Please consult University of Arizona Student Engagement & Career Development for:

o   Career Choice and Job Search

o   Interview Preparation including Mock Interviews

o   Document Review (Resume, CV, Letter, Personal Statement)

o   Graduate School Applications and Admission Interviews

o   Planning and Searching for career experience including internships

o   Career Options and College Major

o   Salaries, Job Market, and Marketable Skills

o   Professional Networking and Social Media Branding

o   Employers in Specific Career Fields or Geographic Area

Get ready for graduation and be ready... Consider resume-building workshops, interview practice, and other helpful services that are available for students preparing for professional life! 


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