Honors Program

All honors students need 30 honors units to graduate with honors (See Honors graduation requirements.) Currently, only ISTA 498H, Senior Capstone, and ISTA 499H, Independent Study, are offered as honors classes in the School of Information; however, students are welcome to contract our classes for honors credit.

Additionally, the School of Information offers co-convened undergraduate/graduate-level courses, for which you can earn Honors credit.

Honors Advising

See the Advising page for how to set up an appointment or view walk-in hours for Laura Owen, the School of Information's academic advisor.

Want to declare an Information major? See information on our three degrees—Information Science & eSociety, Information Science & the Arts, and Information Science & Technology—and make an appointment with Laura Owen to declare a major and plan a degree program that work for you. See the Honors College information page for questions about Honors College requirements, programs, and status. Information on applying to the Honors College is here

The walk-in schedule for Honors Student Success Counselors is here

Study Abroad

The Honors College offers honors credits in the five study-abroad programs that they sponsor.  The School of Information does not offer direct credit in any current study abroad program, but you may talk to the School of Information advisor about getting study abroad credit pre-approved for your major or Gen Ed credit. 

ISTA 498H: Honors Thesis or Project

To graduate with honors, you must complete an honors thesis or professional project. Honors College students must also complete and submit the Honors Thesis Prospectus at the end of the semester prior to beginning the thesis or project.

The Honors Thesis requires six units of honors credit, taken over two semesters; additionally, many honors student take a one-unit honors class in preparation for their thesis.

In the School of Information, students may apply to the department to register for ISTA 498H, Honors Thesis, to complete their honors thesis (Standard ISTA majors take only three units of in-person ISTA 498; honors students may register for six units of ISTA 498H over two semesters, and work individually with their faculty supervisor).

To register for ISTA 498H:

1) First complete a Prospectus and secure a faculty advisor!

2) Then, students must complete our individual studies application form, via Handshake. Select University of Arizona iSchool Faculty-Supervised Undergraduate Individual Studies Request (492, 498H, 499) 

3) Once you are approved, the department will register you for ISTA 498H credit with your faculty advisor, who will submit a grade for you at the end of the semester. 

If you have any questions on this process, please contact the Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Laura Owen.


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