Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Lab

The Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Lab applies state-of-the-art methods in computational intelligence to research problems that span disciplinary boundaries. We are  working to model human cognitive development in silico, with robots or softbots in game environments as the “babies” being raised or trained. Other research interests include the sensorimotor foundations of human language; several projects in the last decade have developed algorithms for sensor-to-symbol kinds of processing in service of learning the meanings of words, most recently, verbs; and Education Informatics, which includes intelligent tutoring systems, data mining and statistical modeling of students’ mastery and engagement, assessment technologies, ontologies for representing student data and standards for content, architectures for content delivery, and so on. There are many opportunities to develop and apply AI technologies to provide high-quality education for all students (e.g., K12@UA, Teach Ourselves). 

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences