Study eSociety in Orvieto, Italy

Oct. 21, 2021

With travel blogs, destination selfies, and research on local hotspots, online media are everyone's favorite travel companions today. So why not deep dive into their use and implications from a spectacular European destination? You can earn credits toward your degree and a minor or major, and funding is available.

Professor Diana Daly is teaching two popular courses in Orvieto, Italy this summer. In ESOC 212 Social Media Strategies Across Professions, you'll explore how people share social and practical information online and use Instagram, TikTok, and other popular platforms to reach audiences and get things done. In ESOC 301 Qualitative Internet Research, you'll learn how to design and conduct qualitative research in the digital age including online research and interviews. These courses are in-person and on location, with extras including group trips to picturesque local sites.

Any Wildcat can take eSociety courses. Even better, these courses earn credits directly toward ESOC majors and minors, ISTA majors and minors, double majors with COMM, and minors in Public Relations. Many students count studying abroad among their most life-changing experiences!

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