Attending the 2015 Arizona Library Association conference in Flagstaff, Arizona?

Join the University of Arizona School of Information for a conference welcome reception, featuring delicious hor d'oeuvres and riveting conversation! This reception will be an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss a variety of shared interests with peers from all backgrounds of librarianship. RSVP is not required, but appreciated.

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By Kethia Kong Special to the Arizona Daily Star
"Verónica Reyes-Escudero had no idea what she’d find in her uncle’s closet. When she took a shoe box of his films to Home Movie Day at the University of Arizona library, she was shocked to see he had recorded history.
The film showed footage of a United Farm Workers march, a union that was co-founded by activist Cesar Chavez. It was a historic moment that Reyes-Escudero had no idea her uncle... Read more
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Dr. Jamie Lee will be presenting about archives this week at the National Women’s Studies Association annual conference on Precarity in Milwaukee, WI.

"As a concept, precarity draws attention to the experiences, structures, and relational aspects of systemic inequality. Focusing on diverse forms of violence, inequality, and harm saturating contemporary life, precarity names a “politically induced condition in which certain populations suffer from failing social and economic... Read more

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Miss your chance to attend the School of Information panel, "Future Directions in Digital Life and Learning"? Think again! Click the video link below to watch panelists Annette Markham, Simeon Yates, Jennifer Gibbs, Chuck House, and Laura Robinson discuss central questions of contemporary digital infrastructures, practices, and issues. 
These leading international experts bring substantial expertise from a range of social and humanistic sciences,... Read more
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Join Dr. Bryan Heidorn, Director of the School of Information at the University of Arizona--

Anyone interested in hearing what’s new at the School of Information is invited to attend a talk with Bryan Heidorn who will share how the past six years what was formerly SIRLS has grown to house multiple academic programs. Most of our programs are now face-to-face experiences offering active learning educational opportunities for students. We no longer offer classes through the UA... Read more
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The School of Information seeks to highlight alumni whose careers reflect the diversity and full potential of the programs we offer. We want to know how Wildcats like you have leveraged their research and learning experience into rewarding careers or post-graduate study.

Interested in writing an alumni profile for the School of Information website and upcoming newsletters? Email a short, 1-2 page response to the following questions to ... Read more

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"Programming, science and art are forming an alliance on campus, and it’s coming in the form of the new School of Information. 

In the past, information science has mostly been focused on libraries. That means anything from binding books to understanding various directory systems, such as the Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal Classification systems. While these systems of organization are still complex, relevant and needed, recent years have revealed new... Read more

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A team of UA researchers is sifting through thousands of research papers to improve treatment for cancer patients, one algorithm at a time.  
"Making sense of the new scientific data published every year — including well over a million cancer-related journal articles — is a tall order for the contemporary scientist. Even if a scientist were capable of reading every article and memorizing its content, drawing connections to answer real-world... Read more
Post date: Fri, 10/02/2015 - 12:55

The long-standing Ph.D. in Information program prepares researchers for careers in which they conduct original research in academia, government, and industry. Our students work during their studies and as graduates in a variety of settings to include museums, health contexts, for-profit business settings, community or organizational libraries, as well as contexts relative to defense and intelligence operations.

For more on the School of Information's Ph.D. in Information... Read more

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“We’re getting lots of video of musicians playing in front of a green screen together,” Thomas explained. “We’re going to build a database of musical transcription: every Miles Davis solo and every Louis Armstrong solo we’re going to hand-curate. We’re going to develop machine learning techniques to analyze these solos and find deeper relationships between the notes and the harmonies, and that will inform the system – that’ll be the knowledge base.” 
... Read more
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