Program Assessment

Learning Outcomes Assessment

The Master of Arts in Library and Information Science is accredited by the American Library Association and we offer specialization in archives and preservation, digital librarianship, heath information, digital information, management and systems, law librarianship, legal information, as well as academic and public librarianship. Students prepare for careers in libraries, museums, and archives, as well as government and business information centers. 

Student Competencies and Learning Outcomes

The School of Information has identified the competencies that students should have gained through their master's degree program. These competencies will allow graduates to begin successful careers in libraries and information centers, and it is these competencies that student portfolios are expected to demonstrate and document. View detailed list of competencies here.

Statistical Data on Enrollment for Full-time Students from 2013-2018

Plan Description Gender Cohort Start Year Count Completion Within 3 Years Completion Rate
Library & Information Science F 86 63 73.26
M 35 26 74.29
Grand Total   121 89 73.55

Average GPA of Graduate MLIS Students by Academic Years

Year # of Students Enrolled Average GPA
2014-15 262 3.75
2015-16 265 3.73
2016-17 301 3.78
2017-18 329 3.58


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