Continuing Education (Non-degree seeking status)

Continuing Education (Non-degree seeking status)

Students who are not enrolled in one of the School of Information Master's Programs or a certificate program but who are eligible to take graduate classes at the University of Arizona, may apply to take  classes as non-degree seeking students ("Continuing Education").

Non-degree seeking students may register for School of Information classes on a space-available basis and with School of Information approval. The admissions process is described below. Non-degree seeking students should note that admitted degree-seeking students have priority in course registration. Non-degree seeking students must meet all prerequisites for the programs and courses for which they wish to enroll including any course, technology, computing, math and programming requirements.

Non-degree seeking students may subsequently apply to the one of the School of Information Master's Programs or certificate programs and upon admission may apply up to six (6) credits of coursework taken as a non-degree seeking student to the Master's program requirements.

Non-degree seeking students intending to apply to the SIRLS MA-LIS program or Archives certificate programs and students without a prior master's degree in Library and Information Science or its equivalent seeking to take LIS courses should plan to take LIS504 (Foundations of Library & Information Services) as their first class. Non-degree seeking students should work with a School of Information Academic Advisor to select appropriate coursework.

Admissions Process and Cost

Non-degree seeking students may select two attendence options, Main Campus and UAOnline College. UAOnline students pay a lower tuition rate and are not assessed non-resident tuition but are restricted to courses offered online and may not access campus facilities other than the library.

For Main Campus tuition costs, visit

For information on the UAOnline College option, visit

In order to take classes at the School of Information as a non-degree seeking student, follow these simple steps.

  1. Apply online to the Graduate College ( selecting the School of Information, non-degree seeking status.
  2. Complete the School of Information Continuing Education Application (download below).
  3. Draft a Statement of Interest (500 - 1,500 words) introducing yourself and why you are interested in pursuing Continuing Education.
  4. Mail, fax or email the completed Continuing Education Application and Statement of Interest to:

    Continuing Education: School of Information
    1103 E. 2nd Street
    Harvill Bldg., 4th Floor
    Tucson, AZ 85721


    or FAX to: 520-621-3279


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