Research Brown Bag Schedule 2006-2007

Unless otherwise noted, SIRLS Research Brown Bags take place on Wednesdays from 12:00pm to 1:30pm in the SIRLS Multi-purpose Room. SIRLS is located at 1515 East First Street, just west of Cherry Avenue.

Note: Podcasts of most of the past talks can be downloaded from the SIRLS Podcast Page.


Fall 2006:

  • September 13 -- Jana Bradley (Arizona, SIRLS) on "The Information Life Cycle across Disciplines and Communities of Practice."
  • October 4 -- Don Fallis (Arizona, SIRLS) on "Toward a Theory of Disinformation."
  • October 11* -- Marija Dalbello (Rutgers, Library and Information Science) on "Mathematics for 'Just Plain Folks': The Viennese Tradition of Visualization of Quantitative Information and its Verbal Forms, 1899-1914."
  • October 25 -- Celeste Gonzalez de Bustamante (Arizona, Journalism) on "Onion skin and Oxygen: Access and Research at the Televisa Script and Video Archive in Mexico City."
  • November 30 (THURS)* -- Fernando Elichirigoity (Illinois, Library and Information Science) on "Extensible Business Reporting Language and the Automation of Business News and Financial Statements."

Spring 2007:

  • January 24 -- Linda Lumsden (Arizona, Journalism) on "Ladies in the Streets: My Work with the National Woman's Party and the National Woman's Party Archives."
  • February 8 (THURS, 6:30) -- ISI Samuel Lazerow Memorial Lecture
  • February 14 -- Jana Bradley (Arizona, SIRLS) on "Reframing Publishing in the Age of Networking: A Life Cycle Approach."
  • February 21 -- Lisa Hussey (British Columbia, Library, Archival and Information Studies) on "Motivation and Diversity: Factors that influence the choice of LIS as a career."
  • February 28 (12:30) -- Dale Kunkel (Arizona, Communications) on "Labeling Information: Issues and Implications drawing upon Mundane Examples from Popular Media."
  • March 23-25 (FRI, SAT, SUN) -- Information Ethics Roundtable
  • March 28 -- Bill Edgar (Arizona, SIRLS) on "Questioning LibQUAL+: Expanding its Assessment of Academic Library Effectiveness."
  • April 4* -- Kristin Eschenfelder (Wisconsin, Library and Information Studies) on "Technological Protection Measures and Licensed Electronic Resources: Soft TPM and Hard TPM."
  • April 11 -- Patti Montiel Overall (Arizona, SIRLS) on "A Mixed Methods Approach to Understanding Teacher and Librarian Collaboration."

Note: The brown bags marked with an * are co-sponsored by the Arizona Chapter of the American Society for Information Science and Technology.

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