Research Brown Bag Schedule 2007-2008

Unless otherwise noted, SIRLS Research Brown Bags take place on Wednesdays from 12:00pm to 1:30pm in the SIRLS Multi-purpose Room. SIRLS is located at 1515 East First Street, just west of Cherry Avenue.

Note: Podcasts of most of the past talks can be downloaded from the SIRLS Podcast Page.


Fall 2007:

  • August 29 -- Kay Mathiesen (Arizona, SIRLS) on "Group Rights to Control Information versus Individual Rights to Access Information."
  • September 19 -- Kevin Kemper (Arizona, Journalism) on "Garcetti v. Ceballos and Morse v. Frederick: How Refined Government Speech Doctrine Could Impact Academic Freedom at Public Colleges and Universities."
  • October 10 -- Leslie Francis (Utah, Alfred C. Emery Professor of Law) and John G. Francis (Utah, Political Science) on "Group Rights and Cultural Property: When Group Members Disagree."
  • October 31 -- Don Fallis (Arizona, SIRLS) on "The Epistemology of Wikipedia."
  • November 7 -- Martin Frické (Arizona, SIRLS) on "DIKW: The Knowledge Pyramid."
  • November 28 -- David Woodruff Smith (Irvine, Philosophy) on "Categories: How to Think In and About Them.".

Spring 2008:

  • January 23 -- Tony Doyle (CUNY, Hunter College Library) "Privacy and Perfect Voyeurism."
  • January 30 -- James Nason (Washington, Anthropology) "Archival Ethics and Traditional Knowledge: Micronesian and Native American Responses." co-sponsored with American Indian Studies
  • February 13 -- David Cuillier (Arizona, Journalism) "State of secrecy: Access to government information in an age of terror."
  • February 20 (HARVILL 313) -- Amy Fatzinger (Arizona, American Indian Studies) "Indians in the House: Revisiting the Indians in Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie." co-sponsored with American Indian Studies
  • February 27 -- Jana Bradley (Arizona, SIRLS) "Reframing Book Publishing in the Age of Networking."
  • March 6 (THURS, 6:30, LYNCH PAVILION) -- ISI Samuel Lazerow Memorial Lecture
  • March 12 -- Melanie Kimball (Buffalo, Informatics) "An Eye on the World: Teaching American Children about Life in Other Lands, 1900-1925"
  • March 26 -- Kathryn La Barre (Illinois, Library and Information Science) "Bootstrapping facets by revisiting the heritage of early document retrieval systems"
  • April 3 (THURS) -- Xiaolong Zhang (Penn State, Information Sciences and Technology) "Multiscale Information Visualization to Support Information Retrieval and Knowledge Exploration"
  • April 9 -- Suzanne Weisband (Arizona, Management Information Systems) "Challenges for Leading at a Distance"
  • April 16 (HARVILL 313) -- Robert Williams (Arizona, Law) "Hul'qumi'num Treaty Group v. Canada: Protecting Indigenous Peoples' Land Property Rights in the Inter-American Human Rights System." co-sponsored with American Indian Studies

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