Research Brown Bag Schedule 2009-2010

Unless otherwise noted, SIRLS Research Brown Bags take place on Wednesdays from 12:00pm to 1:30pm in the SIRLS Multi-purpose Room. SIRLS is located at 1515 East First Street, just west of Cherry Avenue.

The talks by Jonathan Adler, Paul Faulkner, and Clancy Martin are part of a speaker series on Misinformation and Disinformation funded by the College of Social and Behavior Sciences. These talks are co-hosted by the Department of Philosophy and will be held on Fridays from 3:00pm to 5:00pm in Social Sciences, Room 311.

Note: Podcasts of most of the past talks can be downloaded from the SIRLS Podcast Page.


Fall 2009:

  • September 2 -- Bruce Fulton (Arizona, SIRLS) on "Gaming the System: Manipulation of Consumer Reviews: An Analysis and Case Study."
  • September 25 (FRI, 3:00pm, Soc Sci 311) -- Jonathan Adler (City University of New York, Philosophy) on "Lying and Misleading: A Moral Difference."
  • October 14 -- P. Bryan Heidorn (Arizona, SIRLS) on "Hmmmmmm: Hidden Markov Model Modifications for Museum Metadata Modeling: Humming the way to improved access."
  • October 30 (FRI, 3:00pm, Soc Sci 311) -- Paul Faulkner (University of Sheffield, Philosophy) on "Lies and the Problem of Trust."
  • November 4 -- Patti Overall (Arizona, SIRLS) on "A preliminary report on teachers' perceptions of teacher and librarian collaboration."
  • November 18 -- Oralia Garza de Cortes (California State LIbrary Dia California Project) on "Developing a Culture of Literacy in the Community: Field Notes for an Inclusionary Vision of Libraries as Democratic Institutions."
  • November 20 (FRI, 12:00pm, SIRLS) -- Jana Bradley (Arizona, SIRLS) on "Will Libraries Light the Way in 21st Century Book Culture?"
  • December 2 -- Samantha Hastings (South Carolina, Library and Information Science) on "Access, Preservation, Education."

Spring 2010:

  • January 20 -- John Walsh (Cochise College Library) on "The Effects of Information Literacy Instruction on Student Library Usage."
  • February 3 -- Martin Frické (Arizona, SIRLS) on "A Logic for Classification and Concept Hierarchies."
  • February 10 -- Marti Lindsey (Arizona, SIRLS) on "Implications of Literacy Related to Comprehension of Environmental Health Print Materials."
  • February 24 -- Heshan Sun (Arizona, SIRLS) on "A Longitudinal Investigation of Herd Behavior in Technology Adoption and Continued Use."
  • March 10 -- Catherine Womack (Bridgewater State College, Philosophy) on "Direct-to-consumer drug advertising: Can a little information do more harm than good?"
  • March 24 -- Anna Weitzman (Smithsonian Institution) on "Digitization of Biodiversity Literature: Focusing on User Needs."
  • March 31 -- Jana Bradley (Arizona, SIRLS) on "Self-Publishing: Findings and Implications from an Empirical Study of Self-Published Titles." 
  • April 20 (TUES, 6:30pm, Swede Johnson 205) -- SIRLS Distinguished Lecture
  • April 28 -- Zhu Zhang (Arizona, Management Information Systems) on "Mining Sentiments in Social Media."

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