Graduate Courses

IRLS 600: Introduction to Graduate Studies in Music

Bibliographical materials; research resources, techniques, and problems directed toward graduate study in music.

LIS 909: e-Portfolio (Electronic Portfolio) (1-9 credits)

This one-credit required course is normally taken in the student’s final semester before graduating with a master ’s degree in library and information science.

LIS 900: Research (1-9 credits)

Individual research, not related to thesis or dissertation preparation, by graduate students.

LIS 699: Independent Study

Qualified students working on an individual basis with professors who have agreed to supervise such work. Graduate students doing independent work which cannot be classified as actual research will register for credit under course number 599, 699, or 799.

LIS 698: Capstone Exit Requirement

The purpose of the capstone project is for the student to gain professional community-focused experience while placing the learning, skills and knowledge expected of a librarian or other information professional into a real world professional context. Should the student be approved for a project in lieu of an internship, the same requirement to document expected learning objectives and align the project with SLIS competencies in the final e-portfolio reflection applies.

LIS 693: Internship

Specialized work on an individual basis, consisting of training and practice in actual service in a technical, business, or governmental establishment. Students concurrently enrolled in the M.A. LIS in the School of Information should enroll in a LIS 698 Capstone Internship for a 3 credit internship to satisfy the MA Capstone Internship requirement. See the MA Internship page for additional information.

LIS 689A: Teaching Legal Research

This course is for students who seek to be law librarians. The course will meet once a week for two hours where the students will develop lesson plans and practice teaching legal research in specific areas such as the case, the statute and legislative history, secondary sources, non-legal research, CALR, administrative law and the internet. We will videotape their practice classes to critique and to allow students to monitor their own teaching styles. They will also develop web pages for the course.

LIS 681E: Law Library Practice and Administration

This course will focus on a wide range of issues dealing with law library practice and administration, including but not limited to digital law libraries, collection development, law library administration, teaching legal research, database management, professional ethics and intellectual property issues. Several classes will be taught by guest lecturers, primarily librarians from the law library.

LIS 676: Digital Information Management Capstone

This 3-credit course is the last of 5 required for completion of the Certificate in Digital Information Management. LIS 676 is designed to give students experience working on a major project that will utilize the hands-on as well as theoretical learning acquired through the DigIn courses.

LIS 675: Advanced Digital Collections

This 3-credit course is 1 of 5 required for completion of the Certificate in Digital Information Management (DigIn). This course will provide an in-depth look at the processes involved in building and managing digital collections and institutional repositories. The course will have a strong hands-on component in which students will apply advanced resource description methods to a collection, and then build a prototype repository along with a basic access system.

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