Undergraduate Courses

LIS 435: Business Information

This course surveys and evaluates the major print and electronic bibliographic and information sources in business librarianship.  Emphasis is placed upon the user needs as they are translated into information-seeking practices.

GAME 309: Simulation Design and Development for Complex Problem Solving

This hands-on project-based course centers on advanced simulation environments, their development, evaluation, and importance in contexts ranging from education, health care and emergency response, exploration and mission planning, and entertainment. Understanding the objective of simulation will involve information gathering, problem exploration, and multimethodological analysis of complex problems.

GAME 308: Diversity and Bias in Games

This course develops and applies critical frameworks to understand diversity and bias in world-building, game mechanics, character representation, and social behavior within games. We will interrogate games to discover implicit and explicit biases, explore diversity and inclusion initiatives within the gaming industry, and develop strategies toward more inclusive game development and play experiences.

ISTA 431: Data Warehousing and Analytics in the Cloud

Data Warehousing and Analytics In the Cloud will utilize concepts, frameworks, and best practices for
designing a cloud-based data warehousing solution and explore how to use analytical tools to perform
analysis on your data. In the first half of the course, I will provide an overview of the field of Cloud
Computing, its main concepts, and students will get hands-on experience through projects which utilize
cloud computing platforms. In the second half of the course, we will examine the construction of a cloudbased

GAME 351: Game Programming

Video game development is an ever-changing diverse field that has seen many advances in the recent years. This course aims to teach students fundamental concepts of game development as well as basics of the Unity Game Engine. The course will cover topics such as fundamentals of C#, components of Unity, game objects, transform operations, cameras, lights, materials, textures, skyboxes, terrains, prefabs, handling assets, adjusting project settings, character controllers, particle systems, physics components, ray casting, animation and audio.

INFO 420: Ethical Issues in Information

This course presents an overview and understanding of the intractable and pressing ethical issues as well as their related policies in the information fields. Emerging technological developments in relation to public interests and individual well-being are highlighted throughout the course. Special emphasis is placed on case studies and outcomes as well as frameworks for ethical decision-making.

ISTA 299H: Honors Independent Study

Qualified students working on an individual basis with professors who have agreed to supervise such work.

The number of units this course satisfies is 1-4 units.

ISTA 352: Images: Past, Present, and Future

A significant portion of the human brain is devoted to understanding spatial data and its relation to the world. Through the ages humans have naturally developed external representations of such information for communication, planning, understanding, and entertainment. Further, the digital age has led to an explosion of images available to everyone in forms that are convenient to share, manipulate, and automatically mine for information.

ISTA 370: Research Methods for the Information Age

For some reason, the methods and tools used by the natural sciences are not taught in the information sciences. Consequently, information scientists are rarely good at designing experiments, making data give up its secrets, or quantifying their confidence in results. This course is about how to think and work like a scientist.

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