Undergraduate Internships

Need an Internship? Students, you can find an internship for yourself!  

Internships can be paid or unpaid experiences on your own time, or they can be positions that you make 'count' for 3-units of credit. We recommend that all undergraduate students engage in at least one internship experience during their college career.

For ideas and preparation, Career Services can certainly help. Check the iSchool's online forum, get registered on WildCat JobLink and check out Internships.com for additional resources. Career Services also offers The Edge Internship Readiness Program, a free program to help students prepare for and find internships, as well as LEAP (for non-credit internships). 

LinkedIn is another resource for internships! Here are customized LinkedIn searchs for iSchool-related Internships in Arizona: Information Technology Internships, Digital Internships, Social Media Internships, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Internships, Graphic Design Internships, PR and Communications Internships. 

Your undergraduate advisor can assist you also. Generally, however, students find their own internship experiences. Then, your advisor can make sure you complete the appropriate paperwork. 

Talk with your peers, faculty, advisors, and others, to generate ideas about internship placements or locations!  

Offering an Internship? Potential Site Supervisors, we look forward to working with you!

All internship announcements are placed on a school online forum. In addition, during the school year these announcements may be included in electronic newsletters to students. If you produce paper announcements these will be posted in the SI front office in the Harvill Building. Please send internship announcements to SI-Internships@email.arizona.edu.

Title: It helps students it the title is linked to a real job title. When they later apply for jobs the title can help to catch the eye potential employers.

Description: Describe the work environment and job duties to be performed, application deadline, pay scale if any, work hours.  The internship advertisement may remain on the forum after the application deadline but it will not be emailed or otherwise distributed after that date.

Supervisor:  Provide a contact person so perspective interns can contact you with questions.

Location: (may be online). Street address information may be used to map internship locations.

Program Learning Objectives: What will the intern learn? This is sometimes negotiated with the student based on their existing skills.

Technical Skills Required: eg. List of courses, particular computer skills

Job Requirements: eg. Degree program. list of courses, public speaking, etc.

How to apply: Students must apply to the internship location AND must complete an application to the School of Information.

Information for Students on Undergraduate Internships (ISTA 493)

The purpose of an internship is to provide students with the academic challenge of a field-based project or to provide students with practical experience in a professional setting. Internships may be paid or unpaid; payment makes no difference regarding credits received. An internship may not be undertaken in the same department or unit of an organization in which a student is regularly employed.

Please check out our Internships/ Fellowships (http://si.arizona.edu/forums/internshipsfellowships) forum for a list of available opportunities in diverse industries, both local and national. This forum is updated intermittently as opportunities arise. 

LinkedIn is another resource for internships! Here are customized LinkedIn searchs for iSchool-related Internships in Arizona:

Information Technology Internships, Digital Internships, Social Media Internships, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Internships, Graphic Design Internships, PR and Communications Internships. 

Both Career Services and your academic advisor can be useful resources when searching for an internship.

If you are interested in internships or job opportunites related to the environment, check out the University of Arizona's Green Engagement Guide

Students who wish to pursue education can consult the College of Education's Internship page for ideas.

What if I'm interested in graduate school? 

Students interested in graduate school who would like research opportunities should consider getting involved with UROC (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium). Attending UROC's Summer Research Institute can earn students Directed Research Credit, as well as providing invaluable preparation for graduate school. 

Is an Internship required for my degree?

Students majoring in Information Science & Technology or Information Science & the Arts are requried to complete an Internship (ISTA 493), Independent Study (ISTA 499), or Directed Research (ISTA 492) to complete their degree.

Students majoring in Information Science & eSociety are not requried to complete an Internship for the degree but are strongly encouraged to seek out Internship experiences. The LEAP program at Career Services can help oversee a non-credit internship and ensure you receive an engaged learning notation on your transcript. In addition, eSociety students interested in university credit for an internship can consider applying for credit through the SBS Internship Program

How do I receive ISTA 493 credit for my Internship? 

To receive ISTA 493 credit for an internship, students must secure an internship and Site Supervisor. A Site Supervisor will oversee a student's internship, evaluate the student's work, and verify the student has completed the required number of Internship hours.(For more information on Site Supervisors, please see "Additional Information for Site Supervisors", linked at the bottom of this page).

After securing an internship and Site Supervisor, students must complete an Internship Applicaiton form (form linked at this bottom of this page). Please read the the following information for details on the application process! 

Ready to begin? Read ALL of the information on this page and the linked forms with your Site Supervisor.


The Internship Application form must be submitted to the School of Information Office by:

August 1 for Fall semester studies

December 1 for Spring semester studies

May 1 for Summer session studies


To register, you must be in good academic standing. Applications will be denied for students who are on academic probation or for students who have three or more units of "I" (incomplete). 

Credit Hours

An internship is three (3) credits, representing  a minimum of 135 hours of work which is typically 8 to 10 hours per week in Fall semester or Spring semester.

Summer session hours may be worked between the Summer Pre-Session (mid-May) through Summer Session II (early August), even though you will be registered in Summer Session I.

Hours must be worked within the semester for which the student is receiving credit.


The grades available for an internship are Superior, Passing, or E (fail). The site supervisor submits a written evaluation and a grade for review by the Internship Coordinator.  Students must complete the internship during the semester of enrollment.  No Incompletes are permitted, except under special circumstances and with advance approval.

Format of the Course

Format may vary according to the specific requirements of the internship. You must:

  • Complete the internship according to the proposed timetable and schedule of hours
  • Meet regularly with the site supervisor to discuss progress
  • Present a final written report to the site supervisor by the last day of classes

Steps to enroll for an Internship

1. Complete Internship Application 

Contact your academic advisor  to discuss your program of study and fill out the Internship Application form (form linked below) with the following:

  • Description of work to be performed.
  • Goals or expected outcomes.
  • Reasons for undertaking the internship as related to your Major.
  • Projected schedule for completing 135 hours: please be sure to specifiy how many hours per week you will working at the internship and how many hours of contact per week you expect to have with your Site Supervisor. 
  • Academic preparation (list of School of Information courses completed).

2. Submit Internship Application to Internship Coordinator 

Before application deadlines, submit the Internship Application form (linked below), signed by you and the Site Supervisor, to the Internship Coordinator at SBS-SI-Internship@email.arizona.edu. The Internship Coordinator is Dr. Diana Daly; applications can also be submitted to her mailbox in Harvill 409. (Please note that the faculty advisor signature is not required for undergraduate internship applicants.)

Applications will be evaluated on criteria including, but not limited to, feasibility of the proposal and student's academic preparation and work experience. The undergraduate academic advisor handles registration and will notify the student via email when the department has processed the registration.

New internship opportunities are posted online as they become available. Students are encouraged to seek their own internship opportunities.

3. Final reports

A week before the last day of classes of the semester of enrollment, meet  with the Site Supervisor to review the internship. Submit your final report to your Site Supervisor and place a copy in the D2L Dropbox. The final report should be a summation of the student's overall experience in relation to the goals and objectives stated in the initial proposal.

At the end of the internship, the site supervisor should fill out a form (linked below) evaluating the student's performance by the last day of classes so that a final grade can be determined, based on the student's final report and the site supervisor's appraisal.

Questions may be directed via email to SBS-SI-Internship@email.arizona.edu or to Dr. Diana Daly, School of Information Internship Coordinator, didaly@email.arizona.edu.

How do I register for an Independent Study (ISTA 499) or Directed Research (ISTA 492)? 

The process for registering for an Independent Study (ISTA 499) is the same as the process described for 493 above. A University of Arizona faculty member can serve as your Site Supervisor if you wish to pursue an independent academic project to fufill your internship requirement. 

Similarly, if you wish to pursue a Directed Research (ISTA 492) under the guidance of a University of Arizona faculty member, you can can complete the same application process described above. Occasionally, on a case by case basis, a Directed Research class in another department (e.g., Math 392 or CSC 392) may serve as the Directed Research requirement. 

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