Farig Sadeque

Research Interests

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Machine Learning

  • Computational Social Science

Selected Publications

Title: Bangla Text to Speech Conversion: A Syllabic Unit Selection Approach

Authors: Farig Sadeque, Samin Yasar, M. M. Islam

Published in IEEE ICIEV 2013.

Title: Predicting Continued Participation in Online Health Forums

Authors: Farig Sadeque, Thamar Solorio, Ted Pedersen, Prasha Shrestha, Steven Bethard

Published in EMNLP LOUHI 2015

Title: A Semi-supervised Approach for the CLPsych 2016 shared Task

Authors: Nicolas Rey-Villamizar, Prasha Shrestha, Thamar Solorio, Farig Sadeque, Steven Bethard, Ted Pedersen

Published in the Third Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology, 2016

Title: Age and Gender Prediction on Health Forum Data

Authors: Prasha Shrestha, Steven Bethard, Ted Pedersen, Nicolas Rey-Villamizar, Farig Sadeque, Thamar Solorio.

Published in LREC 2016

Title: Why Do They Leave: Modeling Participation in Online Depression Forums

Authors: Farig Sadeque, Thamar Solorio, Ted Pedersen, Prasha Shrestha, Nicolas Rey-Villamizar, Steven Bethard Accepted in SocialNLP 2016

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Contact Information

Farig Sadeque
Graduate Associate
Telephone: (646)-693-8787
Office: Harvill 460, 1103 E 2nd St, Tucson, AZ- 85719


Ph.D. in Information Science (pursuing), University of Arizona

B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering, 2013, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Courses Taught

CS 303: Algorithms and Data Structures, Teaching Assistant

Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Alabama at Birmingham 

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences