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Laura received her PhD from the University of Arizona in the spring of 2014. Her dissertation "Pluralism and Context: Intellectual Property and the Social Understandings of Intellectual Goods," employed normative cultural analysis, particularly ethics and epistemology, to shed light on strategies for restructuring intellectual property schemas. Her research interests include trolling and epistemology, the ethics of big data, and digital public discourse. 

In her free time, she enjoys gardening, running with her two dogs, cooking, and listening to podcasts and audiobooks. She loves to dance in the kitchen with her young son and strives to live low key like seashells.


Selected highlights:

Laura tweets about information ethics, policy, and other elements of digital culture @bibliophile. 

She is currently involved in planning the Information Ethics Roundtable 2016 on “Challenges to Intellectual Freedom Today: Claims of Offense, Threats of Violence, Community Demands, Power and Privilege."

Laura currently has two works in progress: "In defense of semiotic objections to the commodification of cultural property" and "Where consent fails: Privacy, big data, and commerce."

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Laura Ruth Lenhart
Assistant Professor
Office: SIRLS Room 6
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Courses Taught

eSoc 150b1 : Social Media and Ourselves (Tier One Gen Ed)

eSoc 330 : Digital Dilemmas

eSoc 312 : History of the Book

ISTA 161 : Ethics in a Digital World

IRLS 520 : Ethics and Information Professionals

eSoc 480 : Digital Engagement

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