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Professor Martin Frické has spent the latter part of his career studying logic and librarianship, specifically the use of computers and symbolic logic to organize information. He has published a book and several articles on these topics (for example, on Faceted Classification). He has also published on Big Data and on the Knowledge Pyramid. More recently his interest has moved to blockchains, cryptotechnologies, and torrents, and to how these can be to used support ‘perfect librarianship’. This is librarianship where there is uncensorable, and universal, rapid delivery of authenticated unchangeable permanent documents (librarianship, which if carried through, would confine the nightmares of Orwell’s 1984 to fiction). He is a computer programmer and developer and has written many programs to assist with instruction (see, for example, http://SoftOption.Us), many of which are in use the world over. He teaches networking, human-computer interaction, logic, and web design, as well as the courses in organization of information, research methods and information ethics.

Research Interests

My main research at present is also with the organization of information objects, in particular what might be called 'logic and librarianship'. This is theoretical librarianship in a tradition that has a historical founder: the seventeenth century librarian, mathematician, philosopher, and diplomat, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.

Selected Publications

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Contact Information

Martin H Frické
Professor, School of Information; Director of Graduate Studies
Telephone: 621 3491


PhD, London School of Economics
MS, London School of Economics
BS, Otago, Computer Science
BA, Exeter, Philosophy

Courses Taught

Computer Science
Human Computer Interface
Information Ethics
Intelligent Systems
Organization of Information
Research Methods
Systems Theory
Theory and Transfer of Information
Website Design

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences