Ward 1 City Council Office Internship


Tucson City Council - Ward 1


General Description:

Councilor Regina Romero had represented Tucson’s Ward 1 since 2007. Ward 1 is home to Tucson’s historic West side and the culinary-rich South side and is abundant in diversity and culture. Many of Tucson’s finest landmarks and ecological reserves such as Tumamoc Hill, The Santa Cruz River, Mission Gardens and “A” Mountain are nestled in Ward 1. Some of Tucson’s most historic downtown neighborhoods, such as El Presidio, Barrio Anita and Dunbar Spring are in Ward 1 along with many iconic murals and longtime small businesses.

Councilor Romero’s mission is to improve the quality of life for all Tucsonans by investing in infrastructure, protecting core services, encouraging quality job growth and making smart planning choices for a more sustainable and just community. Ward 1 works closely with residents, organizations, area stakeholders and other partners to contribute to a healthy community by supporting localism and preserving the history and culture of Tucson.

Our team prioritizes our community and strives to be a resource for support, education and information for all Tucsonans.

Internships Available: Summer, Fall, and Spring

Deadlines: 30 days prior to desired start date.


Interns will be expected to work independently and with staff on assigned tasks. Personal transportation is not mandatory (though preferred). Time flexibility is not required but recommended for a dynamic internship experience. Preference will be given to applicants that can express a genuine interest in community development, the public policy process and/or express interest in a deeper understanding of the City of Tucson’s past, present and future. Both undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply.

An ideal candidate must have strong oral and written communication skills, basic knowledge of Microsoft Office programs (WORD, EXCEL), know how to exercise organizational proficiency, critical thinking and problem solving skill, be willing to practice excellent customer service and be a self-starter that displays productivity on assigned tasks. Spanish bilingual preferred.

Internship Description: Unpaid

This internship is designed for students to learn more about the public policy process, the history of the City of Tucson and the contributions of Councilmember Romero to Ward 1 over the last 10+ years. This is a hybrid internship designed with in-office and off-premise components. Interns will have the flexibility of coordinating their own schedule to accommodate school (minimum 2 days/week) but should expect to be asked to attend evening/weekend meetings or events as part of their experience in the Ward 1 Council Office. Interns will be assisting with constituents requests, community inquiries and other tasks as assigned by staff.

Internship duties include (but are not limited to) attending and participating in meetings (Mayor and Council, Neighborhood Associations, Special Meetings), assisting with constituent requests (walk-ins and calls), front office support such as answering office phones, making copies, assisting with calendar checks, conference room management and general upkeep of office, assisting staff in the coordination of a public event, researching and preparing written summaries on assigned topics and other duties as deemed necessary.

Purpose of the Internship:

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Play a role in community development (projects, meetings, events)
  • Apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to assist constituents
  • Participate in policy analysis and the public process
  • Network with other elected officials, organizations or institutions
  • Earn a recommendation letter signed by Councilor Romero

To Apply:

Please email Resume and Cover letter to appropriate contact with ‘Request for Internship’ in the subject line. Cover letter must include why student is seeking an internship with the Ward 1 Council Office.


Undergraduate Student Internship Coordinator

Nathalia Untiveros




Social Work Graduate Student Internship Coordinator

Alvira ‘Vera’ Gallego




Agency/Organization Website link: www.tucsonaz.gov/ward-1



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