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BACHELOR of Arts in Games & Behavior

Shape the future of games and their role in society.

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In the University of Arizona’s on-campus Bachelor of Arts in Games and Behavior (BA GB), you'll study the vast landscape of game design and its social implications.

Not just about gaming, the BA GB delves into the profound impact of gamification on society. Immerse yourself in the fundamentals of multimedia, storytelling and sound technologies, unlocking new realms of creativity without the need for an extensive knowledge in computer programming. Our interdisciplinary curriculum includes courses that dissect individual dynamics like the psychology of simulations and play, as well as those that scrutinize broader societal patterns, setting you up for success in a wide variety of in-demand positions.

* Average salary for games and behavior bachelor's graduates according to PayScale, January 2024, and Built In, June 2024.


  • Game design for an array of purposes and industries
  • Game development skills utilizing effective, industry-proven approaches, tools, systems, platforms and devices
  • User needs and rights, including game target user groups, tools and platforms for promoting games, tools for analytics and metrics, play testing and evaluation, monetization, models, quality assurance, monitoring and social media utilization
  • Research methods and presentation skills for data and information science
  • Recognition and analysis of ethical and policy concerns raised by new technologies
  • Effective communication across cultures and with diverse peoples and groups
  • How to craft effective, ethical solutions for gamification and game design and development challenges

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"Games are more than just play—they're a window into human behavior. At the iSchool, we're not just teaching game design, we're decoding the psychology of gaming and its profound impact on society."
Andrew Kemp-Wilcox, Assistant Professor of Practice

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