Bachelor of Arts

Games and Behavior


About the Major

This degree will provide students not only with a broad understanding of important design principles and human behavior in games, but also the implications of gamification in society.

Issues of artistic game design alongside behavioral and societal trends related to games and gamification across sectors are the focus of this degree.

The degree will cover many aspects of game design and related social and societal factors without the need of extensive knowledge of computer programming.

Hands-on learning: Participate in internships and develop valuable contacts with local and national companies, such as Hydrant, Octavia Digital Media, and the Enterprise Technology division of State Farm.

    Sample Courses

    GAME 310: Gamification in Society

    GAME 311: eSports Industries

    GAME 312: Monetizing Independent Games

    Degree Requirements

    Career Pathways 

    This degree will provide a foundation for skills in many professional fields, including:

    • Gamification design consultant
    • UX/UI (User Experience and User Interface)
    • Digital Marketing