Undergraduate Minors

We offer undergraduate minors in Information Technology & Arts, eSociety, Games and Behavior, Game Design & Development, and Library Science. 

Any advisor can declare our minors, but you can also declare a minor online.

Minor Options

Information Science, Technology, and the Arts

Learn about all facets of information – deriving it, managing it, and extracting meaning from it. The minor in Information Science, Technology, and the Arts (ISTA) draws from the core classes in our B.A. and B.S. programs and is a great complement to almost any UA major. This minor is not available in the Arizona Online campus.

ISTA Minor CheckliST

Information Science and eSociety

A minor in eSociety is an ideal add-on for just about any major on campus as it offers a focus on issues in contemporary digital society from a variety of disciplinary vantage points. The minor in requires 18 units drawn from the eSociety major course list, and at least 12 of those units must be upper division (300 or 400 level). This minor is available in Main campus and the Arizona Online campus.

eSociety MINOR checklist 

Games and Behavior 

A Games and Behavior minor will provide students not only with a broad understanding of important design principles and human behavior in games, but also the implications of gamification in society.

The minor will cover many aspects of game design and related social and societal factors without the need of extensive knowledge of computer programming, although technical classes are available to students with appropriate pre-requisites. This minor is available in Main campus and the Arizona Online campus.

Games and Behavior Minor Checklist 

Game Design and Development

The Game Design and Development minor provides an introduction to programming, design, and Game Development  fundamentals. Students in this minor study and develop games both for entertainment and other applications and purposes.  This minor is available in Main campus and the Arizona Online campus!

Game Design and Development Minor checklist

Library and Information Science

This minor is a great introduction for work in any information context related to libraries, archives, special collections, material preservation, heath information management, and more! This minor will pique your interest in UA’s MA degree in Library and Information Science!

This minor is available in Main campus and the Arizona Online campus.

Library and Information Science Minor Checklist


The minor in eSports will provide students a general understanding of eSports industries, gaming communities, and the social issues related to gaming for sport. Students will learn about recent gaming trends in society and related employment trajectories possible in eSports. This minor is available in Main Campus and the Arizona Online campus. 

eSports Minor Checklist 

How to Declare

Any advisor can declare our minors, but you can also declare a minor online.

To learn more about an Information minor, contact generalist Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Laura Owen. 

Double Dipping

You may double-dip up to 8 units (2 classes) in iSchool minors, as long as the courses are approved for both programs and the double use is allowed within the other major or minor's double-dipping policy.