Undergraduate Academic Policies

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Our academic policies are designed to help you stay on track with your studies and reflect university-wide policies. If you find yourself heading into academic trouble, contact your advisor.

Grades Replacement & Appeals

If you feel you've been given a grade incorrectly, the first step is to contact your instructor to discuss the matter. If you aren't able to resolve things directly, you can consider filing a grade appeal.

You can also consider using the Grade Replacement Opportunity. All students have three opportunities to retake a course in which you've earned an C, D or E and file for a Grade Replacement Opportunity. This means while both attempts stay on your transcript, the new grade will entirely replace the old grade in your GPA. GROs must be filed in UAccess during the semester you are retaking the course.

Academic Eligibility

All UA students are required to maintain academic eligibility to take classes. For undergraduates, this means a cumulative GPA of 2.0. Review information about academic eligibility, and academic statuses of warning, probation and ineligibility. Academic eligibility is distinct from the Satisfactory Academic Progress maintained by the Office of Scholarships and Financial aid.

Retroactive Withdrawal from Courses

If you need to retroactively withdrawal from courses due to extenuating circumstances after the semester has ended, you'll need to file a general petition. A general petition can also be used to ask for requests for exceptions to UArizona policy.

Need Assistance?

For additional assistance, please contact your advisor. Additional assistance and information about general UArizona policies and codes are also available through the Dean of Students Office.