Core Faculty

Diana Daly

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Student Success
Associate Professor of Practice
  • Social media
  • Digital Culture
  • Qualitative research methods

Bryan Heidorn

Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Academic Affairs
Director, Center for Digital Society and Data Studies
  • Text mining
  • Data curation
  • Biodiversity informatics

Zack Lischer-Katz

Assistant Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
  • Curation/Preservation of Visual Information
  • 3D Data and Virtual Reality
  • Qualitative-interpretive Research Methods

Berlin Loa

Assistant Professor of Practice
Knowledge River Program Manager
  • Museums and archives
  • Collections management
  • Taskscapes of cultural heritage & public memory

Barney Maccabe

  • Development of system software for massively parallel and distributed systems
  • High-Performance Computing Applications
  • Artificial intelligence

Michael McKisson

Associate Professor of Practice
Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Entrepreneurship and Product Development
  • Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle Data Collection

Cristian Román-Palacios

Assistant Professor
Coordinator and Advisor for MSDS and MSIS
  • Phylogenetics and biodiversity drivers
  • Paleoclimatic reconstructions and climate change
  • Applied data mining and machine learning