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Offered on campus and online, the University of Arizona’s Bachelor of Arts in Information Science and eSociety (BA IS&ES) equips you to convert your social media savvy into a transformative future.

In the BA IS&ES, you’ll be immersed in an interdisciplinary curriculum that enables you to dissect social network theories, learn to think critically about information technologies, and identify and understand the behaviors and biases that underlie digitally mediated communication. Information science and eSociety is an expanding field of study that reflects on issues related to privacy, ethics, information manipulation and the impact of social media on daily life—setting you up for a fascinating career at the intersection of social networks and information technology.

* Average salary for information science and eSociety bachelor's graduates according to PayScale, January 2024.


  • Information and communication technologies, tools, programs and solutions, including social media, and the societal implications of their use
  • Digital storytelling
  • Theories of new media and their impact on online content development, social media, digital marketing and market research
  • Program and solution development for online digital environments
  • Theories of human behaviors, interactions and biases that underlie digitally mediated communication
  • Information-age literacies, including evaluation of information, privacy and security, and information ethics and bias
  • Research methods and presentation skills for information science
  • Recognition and analysis of ethical and policy concerns raised by new technologies
  • Effective communication across cultures and with diverse peoples and groups

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"As an aspiring digital content producer, my Information Science and eSociety courses were crucial in providing the tools for a career where creativity meets communication. Thanks to my educational experience at Arizona's iSchool, I've never felt more confident that I'm on the right path!"
Brittney Deo, BA in Information Science and eSociety '24

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