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Why Study Abroad?

Study abroad opens the doors to an entire world of new experiences. The University of Arizona offers opportunities to undergraduate students to study abroad in more than 60 countries.

Find out how to get started

Join the iSchool in Italy in Summer 2022!

  • When:  Summer
  • Where: Orvieto, Italy
  • Application deadline: February 25, 2022

To learn more about the program and how to apply, visit the Arizona in Orvieto study abroad page. 

Courses Offered

Dr. Diana Daly will be teaching two courses in person in beautiful Orvieto from May 20 to June 26. Students will explore the magical Orvieto area as researchers and online bloggers.

  • ESOC 212: Social Media Strategies Across Professions
    In this course we examine how people aim to bring about particular outcomes in various sectors via social media, with a focus on media creation and integrating theory and study students' knowledge and cultural practices.
  • ESOC 301: Qualitative Internet Research
    Students are guided through designing, conducting, and reporting qualitative research online, including the study of digital-world behaviors, and the use of the internet and mobile devices as well as media production to recruit, interview and communicate with participants, and report findings.

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Flyer advertising the Summer 2022 study abroad in Orvieto, Italy, with the School of Information

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