Research & Faculty

Research & Faculty

Interdisciplinary information research by leading faculty and researchers.

The cutting-edge research of the University of Arizona School of Information explores the intersections of people, data and technology.

At the iSchool, our faculty, students and research staff are engaged in research around all aspects of the information sciences, without regard for disciplinary boundaries.

Our world-class faculty conduct research in a wide array of information fields, including archival studies, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, biodiversity informatics, data management and curation, computer vision, computer-mediated communication and learning, natural language processing, social networking, human-computer interfaces, dark networks, computational art and creation, library sciences and beyond.

The iSchool hosts eight research labs, groups and collaboratives, as well as the acclaimed Center for Digital Society and Data Studies.

Faculty Research Blitz

Each year, iSchool faculty members showcase their research in quick presentations that demonstrate the compelling breadth of their scholarship, from AI to VR. View the 2024 Research Blitz:




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Faculty Publications, Presentations, Data & Software

The faculty of the School of Information are leaders in the information, data and library sciences. Their research appears in top peer-reviewed journals, they create world-class datasets and software, and they participate in a range of engaging presentations, both scholarly and for the general public.

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The School of Information is a Member of the iSchools Consortium

The University of Arizona iSchool is a long-standing, iCaucus member of the iSchools consortium, an international organization of more than 120 universities united by a common interest in research and teaching about information.

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