Bachelor of Science in Game Design & Development

BACHELOR of Science in Game design & development

Create interactive worlds that transcend devices and platforms.

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The University of Arizona’s on-campus, STEM-designated Bachelor of Science in Game Design and Development (BSGDD) propels you to the forefront of becoming a top-tier game designer and developer.

In the BSGDD, you’ll master cutting-edge skills and gain hands-on experience in the world of game design and development, including conceptualization, market analysis, technical design and usability. Whether you aim to revolutionize entertainment, transform educational methods, innovate in training or pioneer new applications in healthcare, the BSGDD positions you to excel in a wide variety of in-demand careers.

* Average salary for game design and development bachelor's graduates according to Zippia, January 2024.


  • Game design for an array of purposes and industries
  • Best practices in gamification, including challenges and fun factor, balancing, level design, scoring and progression, user interface interaction mechanics, narration, functionality, usability and playability
  • Game development skills utilizing effective, industry-proven approaches, tools, systems, platforms and devices
  • Research methods and presentation skills for data and information science
  • Recognition and analysis of ethical and policy concerns raised by new technologies
  • Effective communication across cultures and with diverse peoples and groups
  • How to craft effective, ethical solutions for gamification and game design and development challenges

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"Game development is world building. In our Game Design and Development program, students join a creative community, building transformative worlds together based on their skills and imagination."
Diana Daly, Associate Professor of Practice

Are you ready to create interactive worlds
that transcend devices and platforms?

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