Undergraduate Peer Tutoring

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Need a tutor? The iSchool offers free tutoring for students enrolled in ISTA courses during the fall and spring semesters. Tutoring is conducted primarily online via Zoom and/or Slack, and in-person tutoring may be available if necessary.

ISTA Peer Tutoring

Appointments for information science peer tutoring may be made by reaching out on the tutoring center’s Slack #general info channel, where you can interact with tutors and find the right tutor to help you.

To engage in the Slack channel, please introduce yourself and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Course number you need help with
  • Brief summary (1-2 sentences) of what you need help with (e.g., help understanding high-level concepts, help troubleshooting code, help with an assignment) and relevant details about what you need help with (e.g. which high-level concepts, which assignment, etc.)

Peer tutors cover core ISTA courses (ISTA 116, 130, 131, 350, 331).

Go to ISTA Peer Tutoring Slack Channel

Tutoring Guidelines

Students asking for tutoring are expected to:

  • Come prepared with questions
  • Be familiar with assignments
  • Have assignment specs with them
  • Be willing to work hard for the solution
  • Treat the tutors with respect

Tutors are expected to:

  • Assist with high-level concepts
  • Tutor appropriate level of student and not student they are in class with
  • Help students understand the problem they are trying to solve
  • Not provide solutions
  • Not program for students

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about tutoring in the School of Information, please contact Daniel Charbonneau, assistant professor of practice, at dcharbonneau@arizona.edu