Data Science and Visualization Certificate

About the Program

The purpose of this certificate is to appeal to a wide variety of learners from across the campus. While a certificate is not a professional certification,  this certificate will signal to employers that students have dedicated the time and energy necessary to develop the skills and confidence for tackling messy, real-world data problems using modern programming languages. 

The Data Science and Visualization Certificate will provide undergraduate students the confidence and training they need in data collection, exploration, manipulation and storage, analysis, and presentation in order to navigate data-rich workplace environments. In completing the Certificate, students will obtain practical experience using a variety of data science techniques and software applications, gain hands-on experience working with real-world data sets drawn from science, social media, and business and build on basic statistical and programming knowledge to become familiar with the tools utilized for advanced work in today’s data-rich landscape.

Up to 6 units may be shared with a degree requirement (major, minor, General Education) or second certificate.

9 units must be completed at UArizona (not transfer)

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A certificate can be completed as a stand-alone program or alongside an undergraduate degree. There are no additional application requirements for the Data Science and Visualization certificate. 

If you are a current UArizona student, you can declare your certificate at the button above. 

If you are not a current UArizona student, you can apply for admission as a certificate-seeking student.

Data Science and Visualization is available in the Main campus and in Arizona Online

Students must meet the same general UArizona admissions criteria as degree-seeking students. The requirements and expectations are the same as a first-year, transfer or readmit student depending on what admit type a student is (first-year, transfer or readmit). Students have to fill out the application fully and submit all required transcripts and requested materials. Certificate seeking students (as in Certificate seeking only, not as part of a degree) are not eligible for merit aid or financial aid and if they apply as degree-seeking in the future, they are considered “readmits”.


Students are required to maintain a 2.0 or C average in certificate coursework to complete the certificate. Student who wish to graduate with an undergraduate certificate should submit a certificate application to graduation services when they have finished the certificate requirements. There is a one-time $15 graduation fee. There are no deadlines to apply to graduate with a certificate. 

Required Courses 

  • 12 units are required for the certificate 
  • Up to 6 units may be shared with a degree requirement (major, minor, General Education) or second certificate.

  • All students, including Information Science students, may only 'double use' 6 units towards another program of study (major, minor, General Education, or another certificate)

Choose either ESOC 214 or ISTA 116,  then take ISTA 320 Data Visualization, and ISTA 321 Data Mining. One elective is also required.

Certificate Checklist 


Elective Courses 

  • Complete 1 additional course (3 units)