Information on Tap: The Birds and the Bees and ChatGPT

Information on Tap


7 to 8 p.m., April 18, 2024

Join us at the Borderlands Brewing Co. Downtown Taproom on Thursday, April 18 for Information on Tap, a fascinating series of short presentations by University of Arizona School of Information faculty.

Information on Tap: The Birds and the Bees and ChatGPT
with Diana Daly, Martin Frické and Bryan Heidorn


Diana Daly

AI vs. the Unpredictable
Diana Daly, Associate Professor of Practice, and Kainan Jarrette
Using techniques from improvisational theater and an AI-generated fallacy detector, Diana Daly and Kainan Jarrette explore how AI detects strategies used in disinformation, how we can use AI to teach critical thinking skills and increase skepticism in humans, and what we might miss once we all become robots.



Martin Frické

GPTs: Concerns, Limitations and Responses
Martin Frické, Professor Emeritus
Nowadays, GPTs are everywhere, even in your bedroom wardrobe (displacing the Wicked Witch of the West). Should this be giving you nightmares? Professor Frické’s talk will allow you to sleep easily (preferably not during his presentation). Things are not as bad as they might seem.

Pre-lecture reading PDF: GPTs: Concerns, Limitations and (Some) Responses by Martin Frické



Bryan Heidorn

When the Birds and Bees Do Their Thing: Unsupervised Machine Learning of Forest Phenophase
Bryan Heidorn, Professor
Plants as well as birds and bees have a natural rhythm of change driven by weather and sunlight. Climate changes is causing shifts in these patterns, sometimes with catastrophic consequences. Professor Heidorn will show how an unsupervised machine learning method and other tricks can be used to recognize phenophase shifts from cameras mounted over forests.


Jana Phillips