iSchool Faculty Research Blitz

Come join us for presentations on the overview of the iSchool faculty’s current research projects, interests, publications and more! 

Presenters and Research Titles

  • Clay Morrison - "Software as Causal Models"
  • Nick DiRienzo - "Identifying Individual Police Bias in Arizona”
  • Diana Daly - "iVoices Student Media Lab"
  • Adriana Picoral - "Developing Digital Tools for Writing Research and Teaching"
  • Hong Cui - "Author-driven FAIR Data Production"
  • Zack Lischer-Katz - "Curating and Preserving Visual Information"
  • Win Burleson – “Human Centered Technologies and the UA Holodeck”
  • Jamie A. Lee – “Community-Based Archives: Considering the Power of Naming Practices (IMLS)”
  • Meaghan Wetherell – “Using Modern Animals to Realize How Bad We are at Identifying Fossil Ones”
  • Steven Bethard – “Machine Learning for Understanding Times and Locations in Text”


2 p.m. Dec. 4, 2020