Mission and Vision


As Arizona's iSchool, we collaborate across disciplines, drive critical research and development, and educate the information intellectuals and professionals of tomorrow to further positive social change that is rooted in the places where we live and that impacts the world.



The University of Arizona School of Information is Arizona's iSchool; we are committed to advancing the field of Information in the 21st century through critical inquiry, inspiring education, and interdisciplinary service.

We work at the intersections of people, information, and technologies. Our school deepens these intersections through attention to lands, societies, and knowledge systems within and beyond the Southwest borderlands in which we work, with cognizance of our responsibilities as members of the global community and the inherent subjectivities tied to being human in today’s information age and digital culture. We engage with diverse partners around the globe, breaking social and technical barriers to contribute to the flourishing of individuals and their communities.

We are makers, theorists, information providers, computing experts, archivists, librarians, communicators, problem-solvers, scientists, and more. We are committed to equity based on sex, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, ability, and other human dimensions. Our staff and faculty work together while inviting others—especially those previously excluded from these kinds of activities—to join us.


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences