A Note on Unpaid Internships

The University of Arizona School of Information encourages all students to prioritize paid internships over unpaid ones, in light of research showing paid internships have significantly more benefit for students. However, we still allow unpaid internships and list select unpaid internships when we believe they (a) may significantly benefit our students, and (b) adhere to the following 2018 guidelines of the U.S. Department of Labor:

  1. The sponsor fully and sufficiently discloses that the internship is unpaid.
  2. Educational training is offered.
  3. There is connection to the student's program of study.
  4. The sponsor accommodates the student's academic schedule.
  5. The work lasts only as long as the student benefits in learning from it.
  6. The sponsor is honest about the likelihood to a paid job.

Before agreeing to work in an unpaid internship, please search our forum for paid internships, and consider broadening your search to other sources.

If you believe an internship we have listed does not meet the guidelines above, contact us.