School of Information Professor, Jamie A. Lee, and UA’s Department of English doctoral student, Elizabeth Bentley, Publish Journal Article

School of Information Professor, Jamie A. Lee, and  UA’s Department of English doctoral student,Elizabeth Bentley, have published their co-authored journal article "Performing the Archival Body: Inciting Queered Feminist (Dis)locational Rhetorics Through Place-Based Pedagogies” in Peitho: Journal of the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric & Composition.

Abstract: This article brings the traditional archival paradigm and the pop-up movement into conversation with each other through a close reading of the POP-UP Archive of the Arizona Queer Archives, AQA, in collaboration with FARR, a coalition of feminist scholars, artists, and activists of public scholarship. We trace the interdisciplinary processes of planning and performing the POP-UP Archive while also attending to the pedagogical-political possibilities created by community-university-activist partnerships, more generally, and community-based archival productions, more specifically. The POP-UP decentered institutionalized educational and archival models in a turn towards community-based sites of inquiry and oft-marginalized forms of knowledge production. We contend that the AQA POP-UP Archive facilitated queered feminist rhetorics of (dis)location to provoke unruly, embodied, and sensuous encounters with local bodies of knowledge. Through interconnected readings of POP-UP participant reflections and the lesbian feminist oral histories, we delineate the embodied, affective, and temporal capacities of the POP-UP’s (dis)locational rhetorics. We provide a “POP-UP Archive Toolkit & Field Notes” as a means of encouraging fellow scholars, activists, and archivists to extend this approach into localized archival and community contexts.


Bentley, Elizabeth and Jamie A. Lee with FARR. "Performing the Archival Body: Inciting Queered Feminist (Dis)locational Rhetorics Through Place-Based Pedagogies." Peitho 21.1 (2018): 183-211.


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11/07/2018 - 12:20

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