Accelerated MSIS Program (BS in Information Science)

Complete your bachelor's degree and an MS in Information Science in an abbreviated period of time.

About the Program

Our Accelerated Master's Program allows you to complete a BS in Information Science and a MS in Information Science in an abbreviated period of time! This program is for exceptional Information Science and Technology majors desiring to continue as a graduate student to complete an M.S. in Information.

Our Master of Science in Information program offers a highly interdisciplinary curriculum, community interaction opportunities and an emphasis on information engagement. Our aim is to help you become an information professional who can solve real-world information problems and work across disciplines.

You'll develop both social and technological skills and graduate with hands-on experience that blends behavioral, psychological, cultural and philosophical perspectives.


Eager Information Science and Technology majors wanting to begin a graduate program while an undergraduate can apply to the program in their junior year. You must have an excellent academic record and the ability to balance an intense program of study.

In order to be admitted the graduate college as a fast-track Master’s student, you must have earned 90 units and have a 3.3. GPA. Students may APPLY once they have 75 completed units, but cannot be admitted to enroll in graduate courses without 90. 


AMP Policies 

Plan of Study

Fast-track Master’s students are required to take ISTA 350 as part of their “Intensive Computing” requirement for their undergraduate degree. Additionally, you are also required to take two of: ISTA 311, ISTA 331, MATH 129, or MATH 313 towards your “Intensive Computing” requirement. 

We recommend that you speak to your academic advisor about your interest in the program early on to begin planning your courses.

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Graduate College Information 

Career Pathways

The M.S. in Information will prepare you for a number of fields, including:

  • Information architect
  • Database administrator
  • Data scientist/engineer
  • Digital artists
  • Software programmer/engineer
  • Web programmer
  • Application/system analyst
  • Digital repository specialist 

Progress to the Ph.D. Program

M.S. graduates with strong research interests are encouraged to apply to the Ph.D. program. Admission requirements are the same as the other candidates, but M.S. graduates may be able to waive certain courses.


Questions can be directed to the School of Information's undergraduate advisor.