Accelerated MSIS Program (BS in Information Science)

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Complete your University of Arizona Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Master of Science in Information Science in an abbreviated period.

The MSIS accelerated master's program (AMP) allows exceptional BS in Information Science students who wish to attend graduate school to earn their MS in Information Science in an abbreviated period of time—cutting at least one semester off of a graduate program that is otherwise completed in 18 months or more.

Students choose between one of two subplans: Human-Centered Computing, which explores simulations, virtual reality, user experience, personal data collection and more, or Machine Learning, with its data science focus in developing innovative scientific leaders. With the MSIS, students graduate with an advanced degree and the skills they need to excel in tomorrow's interdisciplinary information economy.

AMP students may take up to 12 units of graduate coursework as undergraduates, yet will continue to be charged at the undergraduate rate and retain eligibility for undergraduate scholarships.


Information Science majors wanting to begin a graduate program while an undergraduate can apply to the program in their junior year. They must have an excellent academic record and the ability to balance an intense program of study.

In order to be admitted the University of Arizona Graduate College as a fast-track Master’s student, students must have earned 90 units and have a 3.3. GPA. Students may apply once they have 75 completed units, but cannot be admitted to enroll in graduate courses without 90 units. 

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AMP Policies 

Plan of Study

Fast-track BSIS/MSIS students are required to take ISTA 350 as part of their “Intensive Computing” requirement for their undergraduate degree. Additionally, they are also required to take two of ISTA 311, ISTA 331, MATH 129 or MATH 313 toward their “Intensive Computing” requirement.

We recommend that interested students speak to their academic advisor about their interest in the program early in their undergraduate career to begin planning for the accelerated master's program.

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Graduate College Information 

Progress to the PhD Program

MSIS graduates with strong research interests are encouraged to apply to the iSchool's outstanding PhD in Information. Admission requirements are the same as the other candidates, but MSIS graduates may be able to waive certain courses.

More Information

For further information or assistance, please contact your iSchool undergraduate advisor.