M.A. Internship Policies

MA in Library and Information Science only

Please consult with your MA advisor if you have questions concerning this requirement. 

The following policies apply to internships for credit for the MA-LIS degree.

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  • LIS693 – regular internship: Completion of 12 units
  • LIS698 – Capstone Internship: Completion of 18 units; Completion of Core courses

Site Supervisor

Other Policies

  • M.A. and Certificate students working in libraries may complete either the LIS 698 (Capstone Internship) or LIS 693 (Internship) at their current place of employment, however, the internship must be in a different department under a different supervisor doing work that is clearly differentiated from regular duties. Except under rare circumstances and with exceptional experience, students working in libraries are not exempt from the LIS 698 requirement. 
  • The School of Information’s individual studies coordinator and the graduate faculty advisor must approve all graduate internships.

LIS 698 & 693

  • For graduate students, LIS 698 goes beyond a regular internship through explicit linking of student learning objectives and program outcomes with workplace experience in the information professions. Students must have completed 18 units including all core courses and their mid-program reflection and Plan of Study in order to be enrolled in LIS 698. LIS 698 is required for M.A. students, however, you may choose to take LIS 693, in addition, as a free elective in your program.

Retroactive Credit for Internships

Internship credits cannot be awarded retroactively for internship duties performed at an earlier time. There are no exceptions to this policy.

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Required forms for credit

Evaluation Forms – The following forms may be downloaded from https://arizona.box.com/v/AdvisingResources:

  • SI Internship Evaluation by Site Supervisor
  • SI Intern Site Supervisor Responsibilities
  • SI Intern Self Evaluation Form