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Thank you for your interest in applying for admission to the Master of Arts in Library and Information Science, offered both on campus and online.

Prospective students are required to submit application materials directly to the University of Arizona Graduate College. Please read the information below and then submit your application prior to the appropriate deadline.

Application Deadlines

Main Campus

  • Fall Semester: February 1
    Currently closed
  • Spring Semester: August 1
    Currently open
  • Summer Term: March 1
    Currently closed

Online Campus

  • Fall Semester: March 15
    Currently closed
  • Spring Semester: October 1
    Currently open
  • Summer Term: March 1
    Currently closed

Global Campus

  • Fall Semester: February 15
    Currently closed
  • Spring Semester: September 1
    Currently open
  • Summer Term: March 1
    Currently closed

Program Cost

In-State, On-Campus Tuition & Fees

Per semester (7+ units)
$6,359 tuition + $350 program fees + $835.48 university fees*

* Tuition, fees and other costs subject to change. Check the UArizona Tuition Calculator for exact tuition and fees based on your situation.

Out-of-State & International, On-Campus Tuition & Fees

Per semester (9+ units)
$16,145 tuition + $450 program fees + $835.48 university fees*

* Tuition, fees and other costs subject to change. Check the UArizona Tuition Calculator for exact tuition and fees based on your situation.

Online Campus Tuition & Fees

Per unit
$900/unit + $228 program fees for 7+ units*
$8,328.00 for 9 units*

* Tuition, fees and other costs subject to change. Check the UArizona Tuition Calculator for exact tuition and fees based on your situation.


How to Apply

To apply, you must complete the University of Arizona Graduate College online application. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a GradApp account
  2. Complete your GradApp profile under "My Account".
  3. Select "Apply to a Program" from the sidebar.
  4. Select either "Main Campus" or "UA Online"
  5. Choose "Degree Seeking" under application type and "Library & Information Science (MA)" under program of study.
  6. Choose the semester during which you wish to enter the program.
  7. Your application should now be initiated under "My Active Applications."

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Admission Requirements

Admission to the Library and Information Science Master’s degree program is granted by the director of the School of Information, upon recommendation of the School of Information Admissions Committee and the Graduate College.

To be admitted, you must meet the requirements of both the Graduate College and School of Information. These include:

  • A bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona or from an accredited college or university recognized by the University of Arizona
  • A grade point average of 3.0 or higher
  • GRE is not required. You may still submit one if you choose to.

See also minimum admission requirements from the UA Graduate College. Also refer to our information for international applicants if needed.

Application Checklist

You are required to submit the following materials as part of your online application. Your application will not be processed until all required information is received.

1. Academic Statement of Purpose

Write a 750-1000 word Statement of Purpose indicating why you are interested in the program and what skills and experience you have that will make you a successful candidate for the degree.

2. Transcripts

Upload unofficial transcripts from ALL higher educational institutions attended as part of the online application. (Please note that unofficial transcripts are needed from each individual institution even if they are listed on the final transcript where the degree was issued.)

Official e-transcripts can be sent to directly from the institution. Official transcripts can be requested after the graduate college has provided requirements in their letter once admittance has occurred.

3. English Language Proficiency

Proof of English proficiency is required for any international applicant born in a country where English is not the official language. Please check our English Requirement list to verify your need to submit an English proficiency test.  These tests must be dated within 2 years of the enrollment term to be considered valid.

Acceptable English Proficiency tests are: 

Those exempt from submitting English proficiency scores are:

  • Applicants from countries where English is the official language.
  • Applicants who have completed a bachelor's or graduate degree at a regionally accredited institution in the United States, or an approved institution in an official English speaking country. Degree must not be older than 2 years from the term of enrollment.
  • Applicants who have completed 2 years of full-time academic study must have 48 upper division, graded undergraduate semester units or 30 graded, graduate semester units.

Upload your unofficial TOEFL scores as part of the online application. You must also submit official scores through ETS using institution code 4832.

4. Letters of Recommendation

Provide email addresses and contact information for 2 recommenders in the ‘Letters of Recommendation’ section of the online application. The letters of recommendation must be received by the deadline for the application to be reviewed.

5. Resume/CV

Upload a current resumé or curriculum vitae (CV) as part of the online application in the ‘Supplemental Questions’ section.

Additional Forms

You may also need to complete:

  • A domicile affidavit if you wish to have in-state (Arizona) statusMail or FAX the form directly to the Residency Classification Office. All students are considered out-of-state residents until domicile affidavits are processed. See Residency Guidelines and also review information about Proposition 308.
  • A financial guarantee form (international students)
  • An immunization form to be sent directly to Campus Health. Students will not be allowed to register for classes until they have met the University's immunization requirements. For more information, see the Campus Health Service's immunization requirements.

Transfer Credit

The School of Information generally does not allow transfer credits from another institution to be applied to the MLIS degree. Exceptions to this rule must meet all of the following:

  • Maximum of 6 transfer credits can be applied toward MLIS that were earned from another ALA-accredited Library and Information Science program.
  • Courses must have received a letter grade of A or B.
  • Transfer credits must be approved by the MLIS advisor.
  • Credits must not be more than 6 years old relative to the semester of graduation.
  • Transfer credits cannot be used to take the place of any of iSchool MLIS core courses.
  • Submit transfer credit form via GradPath to determine eligibility. 

The Archives and Digital Information Certificates may also allow up to 6 transfer credits, but there are particular parameters for applying prior coursework to the graduate certificates that must be discussed with the MLIS advisor.

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