Knowledge River

Knowledge River

Knowledge River supports the education, recruitment, and retention of information professionals dedicated to serving the needs of BIPOC communities.

About Knowledge River

The Knowledge River Program specializes in educating information professionals who have experience with and are committed to the information needs of BIPOC communities with an emphasis on Latino, Native American, and Black populations and with respect to intersectional identities within these communities. Knowledge River fosters understanding of library and information issues from the perspectives of BIPOC and advocates for cultural awareness and respect in information services to these communities.

Knowledge River Scholars

Knowledge River Scholars graduate with an ALA-accredited M.A. in Library & Information Science by completing all requirements of the MA program. During their graduate studies KR Scholars receive opportunities for academic support, specialized advising, participation in a cohort-based learning community, mentorship, access to a network of Knowledge River alumni, and professional development activities in addition to their regular studies.

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Our Graduates

Since 2001, over 230 Knowledge River scholars have graduated the program and contribute to the information science profession in libraries, archives, museums and other information environments. The KR program is the foremost graduate program for training librarians and information specialist with a focus on the needs of historically underrepresented and underserved BIPOC communities. Knowledge River scholars work to provide equitable and quality information environments and resources nationally and internationally.

Our Vision

Historically rooted in groundbreaking, historic initiatives for the advancement of Latino and Indigenous librarianship, KR continues to grow, reflect, and support intersectional identities in information science. Our vision includes a rich diversity of BIPOC communities.

Knowledge River is a national exemplar in Library & Information science education, reflecting and serving BIPOC communities through intentional teaching, research, and service The program focuses on discussion and action to improve services for BIPOC communities in libraries, archives, museums, and other information environments.

As we celebrate 20 years, current KR scholars and alumni contribute to the future of the program, and the impact of KR on cultural heritage institutions and information environments.

Our Goals

  • Focus on ethnic and cultural awareness and respect as a core goal for the iSchool and iSchool constituencies with Knowledge River as the flagship of this effort
  • Recruit an annual cohort of Knowledge River Scholars from BIPOC communities to increase ethnics and cultural diversity in the field and in field services
  • Expand diversity curriculum development within LIS education and service
  • Increase emphasis on BIPOC faculty and research, including connections with relevant campus departments
  • Extend focus on library and community outreach, through service assistantships and other means
  • Increase cultural awareness, respect, and fluency among all
  • Engage past cohorts to build support for Knowledge River scholars and to further the goals of Knowledge River
  • Inform the LIS field in the needs, issues, and impact of diversity through research and public information

Our Partners

Knowledge River is funded largely by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. We also receive support from numerous partners, including the University of Arizona Libraries, Arizona Health Sciences Library, Pima County Public Library, and the Arizona State Library, Archives and Records.

Contact Us

Knowledge River Program

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