PlanetScape Immersive Installation

PlanetScape: A Journey of Hope and Transformation


All Day, Jan. 22 to 26, 2024

PlanetScape is a collaboration between Fred Fox School of Music, the Department of Astronomy, Live and Immersive Art, School of Dance, School of Information and UArizona Research Technologies Department. It is an immersive multimedia project synthesizing music, science, visual art and technology. This convergence research collaboration is catalyzed by the union of concepts at the confluence of astronomy, humanity, artistic expression through music and dance, and socio-technical experience.

This is a story about exoplanets and space exploration. 

Where is our next home after the Earth? What is it like to travel to alien worlds? 

​What would we find when we get there and who do we become when we know we can never go home?

The Immersive Installation is a free event.


Winslow Burleson