School of Information Faculty Recognize Top Spring 2024 Graduates with Student Excellence Awards

May 14, 2024
Spring 2024 iSchool Student award winners

Spring 2024 School of Information student award winners with Associate Dean Diana Daly (center), following Convocation on May 10, 2024. Photo by Michael Chansley Photography.

From interning on tribal and community archival projects to founding tech startups, from managing junior developers to serving as course section leads, the Spring 2024 graduating students of the School of Information demonstrated excellence across their academic and extracurricular endeavors in their time at the University of Arizona.

So selecting the winners of the Spring 2024 student awards across the college’s five bachelor’s degrees and three master’s degrees was no easy task for iSchool faculty. The success of students wasn’t a given, either, as Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs Diana Daly notes: “These students have navigated a pandemic and their schooling turned upside down. Yet they still learned to thrive academically and creatively.”

This semester, the iSchool honored six undergraduate and three graduate students. The bachelor’s awardees—representing the Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Bachelor of Arts in Information Science and eSociety—are:

Bailie Wynbelt

Bailie Wynbelt, BSIS ’24

Outstanding Senior Award
Convocation Undergraduate Student Speaker

Ricardo Martinez

Ricardo Martinez, BSIS ’24

Excellence in Research Award

Edidiong Ekpoh

Edidiong Ekpoh, BSIS ’24

Leadership and Community Engagement Award

Chase Hult

Chase Hult, BSIS ’24

Leadership and Community Engagement Award

Linda Bojorquez-Lopez

Linda Bojorquez-Lopez, BA ISES ’24

Student Success and Merit Award

Ciera Zamora

Ciera Zamora, BA ISES ’24

Student Success and Merit Award

For students in the Master of Science in Data Science, Master of Science in Information Science and Master of Arts in Library and Information Science, the challenges rose beyond the pandemic and, in many cases, their impact has been felt beyond their own field of study. “These students have navigated complex information landscapes, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and making exceptional contributions well beyond their own disciplines,” says Assistant Professor Cristian Román-Palacios.

The master’s awardees are:

Sophia Kingsley

Sophia Kingsley, MLIS ’24

Outstanding Master’s Student Award

Nour Khalid Gordillo

Nour Khalid Gordillo, MSDS ’24

Outstanding Graduate Student Award
Convocation Graduate Student Speaker

Abraham Venegas

Abraham Venegas, MLIS ’24

Outstanding Graduate Student Award

More than 50 Class of 2024 undergraduate and graduate students across degrees were also honored for their academic achievements by being named to the Dean’s List of Distinguished Scholars

“At a time when the world desperately needs information scholars, practitioners and policymakers, I am so proud and excited to see the incredible things these students will accomplish,” says Assistant Professor of Practice Jennifer Rochelle.

Congratulations to the award winners, distinguished scholars and all graduates of the UArizona iSchool, who were celebrated in the Spring 2024 School of Information Convocation (view the recorded livestream).

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